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Spousal Support

Riverside Spousal Support Lawyer

As your marriage comes to an end, your financial future is about to change. With so many factors to consider in your divorce, spousal support sometimes referred to as alimony, will be an important part of your court orders. An experienced attorney can help you understand California state laws regarding alimony and help you come up with a fair order. At the Riverside law offices of Bratton & Bratton, we help our clients reach fair spousal support settlements through negotiation and litigation.

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With dedicated family law experience since 1989 in Riverside, we understand the factors that the court will look at to make a decision regarding spousal support. In California, there is a lot of judicial discretion in this area, so it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of what factors could affect your support you receive or pay. California has two types of spousal support:

  • Temporary Support Orders: set at your initial hearing
  • Permanent Spousal Support

Prior to the court setting an order for permanent spousal support, we will look at your current situation, and help you understand what you can expect. We will look at factors including:

  • Marital standard of living
  • Earning Capacity
  • Contribution to Education and Career
  • Ability to Pay
  • Need for support
  • Length of Marriage
  • Minor Children
  • Age and Health
  • Domestic Violence

We have a thorough knowledge of the local courts and how they apply the spousal support laws. Both our attorneys have spent their entire career practicing family law in Riverside.

Spousal Support Termination and Modifications

The court will continue to have control over your spousal support order for years to come. In California, spousal support is automatically terminated upon death or remarriage of the supported party. If there is a major change in the financial situation of either party, the court can make modifications to the support order as well. And while a court may not award alimony initially, they can reserve the right to award spousal support at a later date.

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As you start to plan for your future after your divorce, you want to know what you can expect financially. From our offices in Riverside, we are ready to answer your questions and help you take action. Located near the courthouse, we offer free parking. Contact us today to set up your free initial consultation.

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